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5G Marine
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5G Marine provides solutions for the broad-spectrum marine stakeholders, military, commercial and educational institutions. Our products are custom engineered to your standards and we integrate your specifications into the design.

5G management has completed nine generations of unmanned surface vessels, including remote and autonomous operations.

5G Marine

Sea Serpent

Shown here is 5G International's “Sea Serpent” which is the least expensive USV in our fleet. It is remotely operated and perfect for harbor, riverine and near-coastal operation. Applications include multi-spectral data logging for environmental studies, simulations/training and surveillance for security purposes.

Entry Level
"Sea Serpent" is an economical platform. The computing systems are powerful and Can Bus compatible. A/D ports and ROV functions barely touch the CPU's capabilities.

The +100 Kilo payload can be used for specialty packages. Plug and play, modules can be easily swapped. Examples: a chemistry department and an environmental science department can share a vessel.


5G Marine Services

4 Meter HYDRA

Ideal for close patrol in high traffic areas
Port, Harbor and Yacht Security. "Hydra" is equipped with a complete 'state of the art' sensor suite and HD day/night vision video cameras with high bandwidth telemetry. These features provide operational awareness for commercial pilots and mission specialists not seen outside of military grade installations.

Global Operations
Satellite communications and inertial guidance allows for control in 'Real-Time' from anywhere with 'HD video and data capabilities'. Change the mission 'on-the-fly' as conditions or necessity requires.

4 Meter, 180hp+, Payload 200Kg, Speed 60mph/100kmh, 360 degree gyro stabilized day/night HD video camera, HD sonar, FMCW radar, with a full software and sensor suite.


5G Marine

9 Meter OSCAR

Diesel/Electric Hybrid
"Go Green" we did! This model was created before the revolution in green technology began. Now there are many options of how large or small of an electric drive you need and we will provide any ratio of power to electric drive to suit your specifications for speed and endurance.

Robust Platform
The platform is reinforced structurally to be adaptable to mounting equipment, sensor suites, environmental sampling capabilities, mapping, towed arrays and many other options.

Littoral or Blue Water Operations
This hull design has been tested in North Atlantic gales and returned autonomously, with the vessel and equipment in undamaged condition.

9 Meter, 1000 HP, Diesel/Hybrid Electric Propulsion, Payload 500Kg, Speed +45 knots, 360 degree gyro stabilized day/night HD video cameras, HD sonar, FMCW radar, 2km Hailing device, with a full software and sensor suite.

5G Marine

11 Meter SOF BRAVO

Designed for grueling missions and as a Special Operations Platform
The "Bravo" has been configured to be easily convertible, e.g. seats, equipment, towed arrays and sensor suites. Hard points are built in for mounts. This platform is extremely suitable for cargo transport.

High Performance
The 1000 HP power plant and vectored thrust propulsion makes the "Bravo" quick and maneuverable for high speed operation up to 60 knots.

Crew and Equipment Options
The platform has been designed to be easily reconfigurable with your needs in mind. The options available are limited only by what your needs are. We can walk you with through the process.

11 Meter RHIB, 1000 HP, Payload 900 Kg, Speed +45 knots, Two 360 degree gyro stabilized day/night HD video cameras, HD sonar, FMCW radar, with a full software and sensor suite. Capable of carrying 6 crew members fully autonomously or in manual control.
5G Marine

Command & Control

Command and Control Systems
Fully customized Command and Control Stations for ground based, mobile, or shipboard operations. Redundant Built-in Video and Telemetry stations for pilot and mission officers. Self contained Power Supplies and Generators, HVAC, Self-rising antenna masts. Typical setup time for Operations 30 - 60 minutes.
5G Marine

Under Development

Currently we have two major projects with interest from outside parties, Both are an outgrowth from our USV Fleet: First is a handling system needed by most USV operators world-wide, Its function is to deploy, recover and service small unmanned vessels and larger unmanned vessels. 5G's work is pursuant to a comprehensive US and International Patent: "7506606" This is a broad patent which is very comprehensive and covers a wide range of applications.

Our second project is an at sea refueling platform for either commercial or military purposes. Review of the Patent will show that the refueling function is well-covered. Our primary objective in keeping with our theme is to "Create the future". It will be a remotely-supervised platform and a major convenience for anyone with a credit card who needs fuel.