5G Marine
5G Marine
Obstacle Avoidance and Autonomous Navigation
Our principal software engineer and I spoke at The Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium 2016, Amsterdam on the 22nd of June this year. Our topic was: “Autonomous Vessel Navigation with Fully Automatic Obstacle and Collision Avoidance”.

This conference was important to us on several levels. First, it was an opportunity for us to showcase our working new USV models which include our autonomous navigation systems with obstacle avoidance.

Secondly, it gave us a chance to see where we ranked with potential competitors like Rolls Royce and Lockheed Martin. We are pleased to report that we have no current competition. We see only projections for the future and what some like to call “artist’s deceptions”.

Our obstacle avoidance and navigation systems, which include radar, sonar, and AIS are not only working, they have been deployed for several years and are proven at sea.

Field demonstrations for qualified parties are available. If you contact me, I will be pleased to make arrangements.

Robert J. Murphy, CEO
5G Marine International, Inc.