5G Marine
5G Marine
About 5G Marine
Since 1986 we have integrated USV systems in a further development of many new generations of USVs designed and built by 5G International Inc. We offer true robotic systems, which can be pre-programmed to perform fully-autonomous missions via satellite positioning or by inertial navigation, including full obstacle avoidance offered by our partners Robosys. 5G International has developed nine generations of unmanned surface vehicles with decades of design.

Our History
We have over 30 years of successes with design, fabrication, leasing, and personnel training. We protect and defend our IP and are experienced with licensing. Historically, our services include mission analyses, field testing and marketing for our completed system. Our business arrangements are very flexible.

Our vessels are fast, robust and modular, and adaptable to a very wide array of applications. We offer world-wide satellite telemetry, hybrid multi-fuel/electric systems and eleven meter versions. Decades of at sea experience proves our marinization techniques work in harsh environments.